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Flooring Adhesive

Adhesive a type of strong, permanent glue for adhering flooring materials to a subfloor or underlayment.

Different types of adhesives are recommended for different types of flooring, although some multi-purpose solutions can be used effectively with multiple materials

Adhesives have been developed and tested to be fully compatible with today’s most popular floorcoverings.

They offer the professional installer unique application benefits and guaranteed long term performance; helping to ensure the perfect installation every time.

Make sure you pick the right one!

Interior installations are generally not subject to large amounts of weathering and water damage.

If you are going to be installing in an exterior environment, you will need a flooring adhesive that can handle the stress of rain, sun, snow, and cold

Flooring adhesives are super durable and allow a degree of flexibility. As a result, flooring adhesives ensure the floor fixings will remain in perfect condition meaning the overall flooring structure will remain hard-wearing, stable, and sturdy for years to come.

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