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What is it you Ask ?

Screed is Quite simply a thin, top layer of material laid over a concrete subfloor .

Once applied it levels the floor to allow a solid base for a floor covering

What’s the difference between screed and quality concrete?

Quality concrete is used for construction and structural tasks, while screed is applied as a top layer to a concrete base.

Physical differences between concrete and screed Concrete and screed are both made from a mixture of cement, water and aggregate.

The main difference between the two materials is the type of aggregate that is used.

One is a fine powder and the other uses a more course material.

Why use it ?

Offering superior application and drying characteristics, and  providing an ultra-smooth finish that can be applied to form a feathered edge finish.

It can also be used to repair minor imperfections in a wide range of other absorbent surfaces such as existing floor smoothing , underlayments and sand/cement or calcium sulphate screeds.

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